Misconception about “fatties” and their clothing.

I have no idea how people might’ve gotten the idea, but there seems to be a misconception that overweight people can’t dress; that they all wear ugly clothes, that never seem to fit properly. 

Now, I’m not saying that a lot of people actually do dress in a way that’s not fitting for their weight nor the shape of their body, but let’s be honest; we all know skinny people that dress poor, too. 

The thing is though, it’s not just people’s misconception; a lot of clothing designers seem to be under the same impression. I mean, I’m a teenage girl and I enjoy shopping (to a certain degree, of course), but shopping is a downright hassle because designers seem to think that all overweight people are also old women who enjoys shapeless t-shirts with flower-prints on them. Don’t even get me started on the pants that are always too long for a 5”2 girl because apparently, all “fatties” are tall and fat. 

I enjoy dressing up, I enjoy looking nice. Which is why I want to take that misconception, trample all over and yell “UP YOUR’S, SOCIETY!”

In order to do so, I’ve looked up some online stores.

Torrid; Torrid is a great online store, for those of you who haven’t heard of it. It’s got lots of good clothes, dressed, tops, you name it! It also has, unlike many other sites, a variety of jeans. For instance; if you’re short (like me) and overweight, and you want a pair of skinny jeans, you’d have no problem finding it there. Same goes if you’re tall, overweight and you want flared jeans. They really do have great variety when it comes to their clothing. Another thing Torrid does great, is their shoes. I have quite short feet, yet they’re wide which is really troublesome when shopping online, or just shopping in general. Most of their shoes have 3 “sizes” of widths, which I think is awesome. 

Asos; Another really, really great site is Asos. They really lack in the “frumpy, fat aunt” department, which is amazing. All of their clothing are pretty modern and up-to-date, which means you can be overweight and flaunt your stuff at the same time. 


- Mona

(Unfortunately, I failed to find male clothing; mostly because I hardly ever use male clothing myself. However, I did find one which is Kingsize. They’re located in Australia, but they ship to the US. It is tall as well, though. I’m sorry I couldn’t find anything better!)

Great workout if you’re overweight!

I figured I might as well post a little sum’ sum’ about working out.

I, for one, can admit that I can’t stand working out. My mom likes to call it the doorstep-stop. Which basically means that you just stop at the doorstep, you can’t get over it. Can’t get yourself to work out. 

I get that, I really, really do. I mean, working out leaves you sweaty, body’s aching, and you just feel gross. Not to mention that you feel uncomfortable in a gym, with skinny people watching you. 

Here’s the solution; SWIM.

Swimming is great workout for overweight people. It works the entire body, it’s great fun and you don’t get sweaty. Not only that, but your body won’t get the same strain as it would if you were running, per say. It doesn’t leave you sweaty and it’s really refreshing.

Many of you may feel uncomfortable with bathing suits and again, I get that. The uncomfortable-ness can stop you from doing so many things and unfortunetly, I don’t have a solution for those of you who live in a cold country.Though, for those lucky enough to be living in a warm country, where the sun shines err’day, then a t-shirt and shorts may be the solution for you. 

One thing I have to make clear, though; don’t just splash around. Swim laps. Back and forth. Try using your entire body. 

Remember what Dory said: “Just keep swimming!”

- Mona


First of, let me apologize for being so.. Not here in a really long time. I’ve just been really, really busy. I really do hope you can forgive me.  PLS.

I’ll try as hard as I can to get this blog up and running again, perhaps start doing a couple of videos? I don’t know, depends on what people would like.

Erm, what else, what else. I really have no clue what to write about right now, so much have happened since the last time I wrote anything. D:

I guess, if there’s anything any of you’re wondering about, please feel free to contact me, feel free to ask and, yeah.

- Mona

"You’re in pretty good shape for the shape you’re in."
Dr Seuss.

What to get?!

So, my stepfather recently turned 50 and so for his birthday, we’re hosting a 50’s themed birthday party. I’m thrilled about this, ‘cause I really, really love that 50’s pinup style.

Anyway, I’m really not sure what dress or shoes to get. I wish I could get both pair of shoes and both dresses, but alas, my mum (who’s paying for these) said no.

Anyway, both dresses are from Hellbunny and you can find them on www.sohos.co.uk

On the plus-size page. Yes, Soho has a plus-size page with sizes up to UK-size 20. Am I excited? YES.

So here are the dresses:

#1: A really cute dress with leopard and rose print called Charlie. I figured this dress can go with a cute little rose in my hair and a black cardigan, in case I get cold. 

#2: A pretty navy style dress. I really do like navy style, and I figure it would be a great tribute to my stepfather, since he’s a captain and all. Not too sure about the bow, though.

Now, the shoes. Both of the shoes are from the same store, Din Sko, which is Norwegian. They’re pretty much the same, only the pattern is different. 

Shoe #1: These are the black ones. The great thing about these, they can go with pretty much ANYTHING. They don’t have to be stored in my closet forever and, like I said, black goes with pretty much anything.

Shoe #2: These are the leopard print ones. Really cool and so yummy.

So, dear followers; WHAT TO GET?